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What type of reports are available to purchase?

  • We primarily offer hypothetical valuation appraisal reports for insurance replacement and fair market value. This includes estate, antique, liquidation, wholesale, private sale, donation, divorce, division of property, bankruptcy liquidation, estate distribution, loan collateral, fine timepieces, and valuations to sell reports.

What is a hypothetical valuation appraisal report?​

  • This type of report is based upon a preliminary inspection of the photograph and details of the item submitted by the client and without any physical tangible inspection, cleaning, restoration, detailed inspection or disassembly and without any research into the item's background or further tests and analysis. The hypothetical valuation is a statement of opinion and not fact.

What does "Hypothetical Appraisal" mean"?

  • A Hypothetical Appraisal is one made on an item of jewelry that has not been seen by the appraiser. The jewelry item may no longer exist or may not be in possession of the party requesting the appraisal. This type of appraisal is pure supposition and is based solely upon information supplied by the client. As such, it is considered to be true with little or no proof, unless subjected to a court environment.

Can I get a report without the word "Hypothetical"?

  • No, we do not offer appraisal reports without the word "Hypothetical". 

Where do you get your Valuation to Sell Recommendation values ranges from?

  • Our primary database used for assigning valuation to sell recommendations comes from eBay sold listings. As of October 28th, 2022 we will be adding the research data as an additional page to our reports. This valuation is based upon a collection of unbiased data. 

What payment methods does you accept?

  • We accept payments though PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.


What type of items do you value?

  • Our jewelry experts and gemologists value all major categories of fine jewelry and timepieces. Depending on the specific items and situation, our specialists may decline the assignment due to limited information and photographs supplied by the client. 

How will I receive my appraisal report?

  • You will receive your report as an electronic PDF file (via PandaDoc) within 24, 48, or 72 hours unless stated otherwise. 


How many items can I submit for each appraisal request?

  • Each report request is for a single item. Unlimited items may be submitted individually, but turn around times may vary. 


What should I include in my item description?

  • Please include as much information as you can! The more information we have, the more accurate your report will be. Please mention measurements, markings, artist name, age, weight, signatures, condition of the piece, country of origin, and relevant history. 

What images should I include in my request?

  • Please upload high quality photographs of the item, in natural lighting from all angles. Images of any signatures, stamps, inscriptions and maker’s marks are also necessary. Images of receipts, documentation or certificates provide a more accurate report. 

Will my insurance company accept your appraisal?

  • Most likely your insurance company will accept your report depending on their policies. Although, we can not guarantee that our report will be accepted by all insurance companies or in the court of law. It is the clients responsibility to determine if this type of document is acceptable for their needs before purchasing.

Can I edit, alter, modify, cut/paste, or change the report you prove me?

  • No, Altering, changing, or falsifying documents without permission, are all considered to be a forgery. Forgery is a crime and punishable by law. 

Do you appraise Laboratory Grown diamonds? 

  • Yes. The value of laboratory grown diamonds is still in a constant flux. Long-term values are unknown and will vary appraiser to appraiser.

Does buy or sell items?

  • No, we are a jewelry market search engine thus does not buy or sell items. 

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