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Best Online Jewelry Appraisal Services

By JACOB WADE Published on 05/20/21

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Whether you've inherited a jewelry collection or want to insure the jewelry you currently own, getting an appraisal for your valuables is an important step in protecting them. While local jewelers may offer appraisal services, there are now many options for getting your jewelry appraised online. We evaluated and reviewed the top online jewelry appraisal services to help you find one that fits your needs best. Best Online Jewelry Appraisal Services of 2021

  • Best Overall: Bonhams

  • Best Reputation: Sotheby's

  • Best for Low Fees: Mearto

  • Best for Fast Results: Jewelry Reports

  • Best for Antique Jewelry: Worthy

  • Best for Insurance Reports: J & M Jewelry

Best Overall: Bonhams Get a Quote Why We Chose It: Bonhams auctions offers unparalleled service for jewelry appraisal, valuation, and consignment. With over 225 years in business and a staff of experienced jewelers, gemologists, and appraisers, Bonhams is our top pick for online jewelry appraisals. Pros

  • World-recognized auction house

  • On-staff jewelry experts

  • Private valuation services for insurance and estates

  • Free appraisals for consignment jewelry


  • High sales fees for consigning

  • Fees for private valuations not disclosed

Bonhams is a top-rated global auction house that offers free appraisals as part of its consignment process. It has experienced jewelers and gemologists on staff to evaluate and help sell your items. Bonhams offers a wide range of evaluation and auction services aimed at high-end art and jewelry enthusiasts from around the world. Bonhams has been in business since 1793 and has physical locations across the world, as well as local offices in major cities throughout the U.S. Free estimate appraisals can be submitted online, and paid private evaluations for insurance or estate purposes can be arranged in person. Bonhams offers a full-service consignment process including full evaluation, professional photos, and listing on its worldwide auctions. They do not require that you consign your items with them for a free appraisal. If you are interested in a free auction estimate appraisal from Bonhams, simply fill out the online form and someone from the team will be in touch. Best Reputation: Sotheby's Get a Quote Why We Chose It: Sotheby's is a world-renowned marketplace for art and luxury items. It offers free appraisals for valuation and consignment purposes. Pros

  • Over 275 years as a leader in fine art and jewelry sales

  • On-staff jewelry experts to evaluate your items

  • Free evaluation report available online


  • Most free estimates are for items expected to be consigned

  • Estimates are not for insurance purposes

Founded in 1744, Sotheby's is the oldest and largest auction house for fine art and jewelry in the world. It operates online and locally in over 40 countries around the world and is one of the most trusted names in the industry. Sotheby's offers price estimates for jewelry online, allowing users to submit item details and photos for evaluation. While the estimates help give users an idea of what their items might be valued at, it is not a formal appraisal to be used for legal or insurance purposes. Though users can submit items for a free appraisal without the intent to sell the item, Sotheby's states that most items they evaluate are consigned directly with the company. To get started with a free Sotheby's estimate, users can fill out and submit a simple online form. Evaluations take up to seven business days. Best for Low Fees: Mearto Get a Quote Why We Chose It: An innovative company that combines appraisal experts and a large auction database, Mearto gives customers a full appraisal report within 48 hours for just about $19. Pros

  • Online database of previous auction prices

  • 48 hours to receive your appraisal

  • Receive a fair-market value and insurance value

  • Only $19 for an appraisal report


  • Jewelry experts not in-house

  • Database of prior auctions requires signing up for an account

Mearto is a startup that helps give quick appraisals for jewelry, fine art, and other collectibles. Started in 2015 in Islands Brygge, Copenhagen, Mearto aims to help streamline the appraisal process by combining expert reviews with auction house sales results. Mearto offers a 48-hour turnaround on your jewelry appraisal, complete with a PDF certificate. While this estimate is a simple appraisal based on details and photos provided, it may work for insurance purposes as well. The company also has an extensive auction price guide to help you gauge the approximate value of your items. These auction lists are only available after signing up for a free account. Mearto appraisals are only about $19 per item. To get started with Mearto, you will first need to sign up for a free account. Then, you can fill out the online application and payment form, and you will receive your appraisal within 48 hours. Best for Fast Results: Jewelry Reports Get a Quote Why We Chose It: Jewelry Reports is an online appraisal site that provides valuation appraisal reports for insurance replacement and fair market value. With a 24-hour turnaround and one-time pricing, Jewelry Reports is a simple one-stop-shop for jewelry appraisals. Pros

  • Simple online submission form

  • PDF report emailed upon completion

  • Report typically available within 24 hours

  • Can be used for insurance purposes


  • No information about the jewelry “experts”

  • Online examinations only, no physical exams available

  • Prices are only hypothetical

Jewelry Reports is an online-only jewelry appraiser that allows users to submit their valuables for appraisal and insurance coverage purposes. It offers a 24-hour turnaround time on appraisals and a PDF report to use for insurance coverage. Jewelry Reports only has one appraisal option: a simple report that will give a current replacement value estimate, including market prices for any precious metals in the jewelry. It claims to have jewelry experts on staff, though there is no “About” page that details who will be reviewing the items and whether they are accredited or not. To get started with an appraisal, simply fill out the online form and submit. The price for an appraisal is roughly $19. Best for Antique Jewelry: Worthy Get a Quote Why We Chose It: Worthy has a streamlined appraisal process for antique jewelry, including partnering with a GIA laboratory on any gemstone appraisal. Pros

  • GIA-certified specialists for antique gem analysis

  • Easy online submission with ability to attach photos

  • Customers receive pre-labeled packaging for shipping

  • PDF report of appraisal available


  • Only appraises items expected to be sold

  • Selling items under $5,000 comes with an 18% fee

Worthy is an online auction house that can appraise and list your antiques for sale. They offer free appraisals for items that you consign with the understanding that you intend to sell your items with them. However, you can decline the consignment step in the process. Worthy partners with GIA gemologists for precious stone appraisals and certifications, and uses a database of past auction prices to evaluate the retail price of the item. They will also take professional photos and provide you with an appraisal report. To get started with Worthy, simply fill out the online application to sell your item (don’t worry, you aren’t committing to sell just yet), snap a few photos, and describe the item you are looking to consign. Worthy will send you a pre-filled FedEx label to ship your jewelry in and will then evaluate the item, take photos, and have the item certified by the GIA (if needed). The last step is to sell at auction if you choose to consign. Best for Insurance Reports: J & M Jewelry Get a Quote Why We Chose It: J & M Jewelry offers online appraisals for insurance purposes, with direct relationships with large insurers to streamline the process of insurance-covered claims and repairs. Pros

  • Direct relationships with large insurers

  • Professional appraisers and gemologists on staff

  • Online form with ability to attach pics

  • Appraisals sent via PDF within 48 hours


  • $100 minimum (per piece) for an appraisal

  • In person meetings are by appointment only

J & M Jewelry is a high-end jewelry and gemstone dealer that buys, sells, repairs, and appraises jewelry. It has physical locations in Texas, New York, and Israel, as well as an online store and appraisal service. J & M partners with large jewelry insurers to help expedite the appraisal and insurance process. It also can help with the claims process for jewelry repairs that it performs. The company offers a professional appraisal service, in-person or online, which can be used for insurance purposes. With appraisers and GIA gemologists on staff, J & M offers expert opinions on the replacement price of your jewelry. To get started with an online appraisal, simply fill out the appraisal request form, attach some photos of your jewelry, and a J & M expert will email you back with next steps. Final Verdict Whether you are looking to sell your jewelry or simply get a replacement value appraisal for insurance purposes, there are several options for appraising your jewelry online. Many places offer free appraisals, but most are auction houses looking to consign your jewelry. A few online sites will give you a replacement valuation for insurance purposes for a small fee, while others can charge quite a lot for a more thorough professional evaluation. Bonhams earns our top pick for online jewelry appraisals for its longstanding experience, valuation and consignment offerings, and staff of certified jewelers, gemologists, and appraisers.

Frequently Asked Questions How Do You Know if an Online Jewelry Appraisal Service Is Reputable? Checking the BBB ratings and online reviews can help identify quality online appraisers, as well as certifications from the Accredited Gemologists Association (AGA) or other professional groups. Auctions houses that provide appraisal services are typically more reputable than smaller dealers or websites.

How Much Do Online Jewelry Appraisal Services Cost? Jewelry appraisals online can range from $0 to over $100 per item. The price depends on the level of service expected, and whether or not you are consigning your item with the appraisal company.

Are Online Jewelry Appraisal Services Better Than In-Person? While getting your jewelry appraised online may seem easy, you shouldn’t ignore utilizing a certified jeweler near you. Many online estimates do not provide authentications or certification services. Online appraisals may work for selling items quickly, but in-person evaluations from accredited jewelers may hold more weight in the eyes of buyers and insurance agencies.

When Should I Use an Online Jewelry Appraisal Service? If you are looking to quickly value your jewelry or possibly consign and sell your items at auction, it makes sense to use an online jewelry appraisal service. Also, if you need to get an estimated replacement cost for insurance purposes, online appraisals are a quick way to get a valuation report.

Methodology We compared a dozen online jewelry appraisal services based on cost, turn-around time, thoroughness, reputation, reviews, and customer service to find the best ones available. A wide range of offerings was considered, from free appraisal estimates to paid professional appraisals for insurance and estate purposes. We found that many online appraisers are available for free but that's typical of auction houses looking to consign your jewelry. Professional appraisals can be done online, but you may be better off finding a certified professional locally for proper jewelry authentication and appraisal if you need certification.


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