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Simplifying the Process of Online Jewelry Appraisals

While you must be aware of the traditional method of jewelry appraisals and why it is very important for to document your prized possessions, online jewelry appraisals must be a relatively new concept for you. You might not be aware of the entire convenient process of online jewelry appraisals. Glance your eyes though this informative article to get a complete idea about the entire process of online jewelry appraisals and why it is the most convenient method of hypothetical valuation when it comes to your valuable and precious jewelry, gemstones, antique heirlooms or timepieces. It is suggested the talk to your insurance agent to insure hypothetical appraisal reports are accepted.

Insights into the Steps of Online Jewelry Appraisal:

1. Item Details & Purchase Appraisal: This is the easy first step in online jewelry appraisal. You need to carefully enter the item details on the website along with clear photographs. This is a very important step because the appraisal report will be solely based on the photograph and item details entered by you. After that, you will need to select what kind of appraisal report you want for your jewelry from the available options on the website. You can either go for the Expert Classic Report for $19 or you can also choose the Certified Gemologist Expert Report for $49 if you want more detailed and in-depth analysis.

2. Appraisal Report Generation: This step involves in-depth study and analysis of the item details and pictures uploaded by you on the website by your personalized expert or certified gemologist. They will study each and every detail about your jewelry including its shape, size, weight, quality, quantity, any defects on them with usage or age and many other things. After the thorough analysis is over and the experts are satisfied with the analysis they will ascertain the final hypothetical value of your jewelry based on its condition and present market scenario and the appraisal report is prepared.

3. Getting the Final Appraisal Report: This is perhaps the easiest and final step in the process of online jewelry appraisal. You do not have to run here and there or go to any store or jewelry shop in order to get your appraisal report. It will be simply delivered to your email in a PDF format within 24 hours of your jewelry details submission.

So, after going through the above points you must have become clear on the entire process of online jewelry valuation. Thus we can say that online jewelry appraisal is the most convenient, easy and transparent method of jewelry valuation and you should definitely give it a try in order to have a hassle-free experience when it comes to your valuable and precious jewelry.

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