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Why Do You Need a Jewelry Appraisal?

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

What is Jewelry Appraisal?

An Appraisal is a document that states the actual worth and description of a particular piece of Jewelry. To get an accurate value of jewelry or timepieces, the condition of the piece, its gemstones, brands, metals, designs, the location and era of craftsmanship, and the hallmarks are brought under consideration by appraisers. After the detailed inspection of the jewelry, all the details are put in writing, along with the reason of Appraisal. Extensively saying, the Appraisal contains the content and weight of the precious metal, the detailed description of diamonds and gemstones (carat weight, cut, clarity, color, measurements, proposition, and finish), an internal diagram showing any inclusion in case of diamond jewelry, a color photograph, the appraised value and the reason for that the appraisal was required. The following are some reasons that explain why you need jewelry appraisals.

To Know the Worth

First and foremost, it is completely rational and compulsory to have an appraisal of your precious jewelry to have an eye over the actual worth of your assets. Even at the time of buying the jewelry or gemstones, you should consult an appraiser to provide piece of mind regarding the purchase price.

Frequently Fluctuating Prices

Although the dealers of the jewelry give appraisal at the time of purchasing, that can not be accurate forever. The value of the jewelry and gemstones fluctuate greatly, and that appraisal gets out-dated. So, in most of the cases, especially for precious jewelry, it is highly recommended to get appraisals every two years. Getting your jewelry appraised regularly would help you in various legal and financial situations to get the best out of your valuables.

Insurance Purpose

You must have to provide a jewelry appraisal if you want to get it insured with an insurance company. The value provided by such appraisal is called retail replacement value, and this value describes the cost of replacement for your jewelry in case that something unfortunate happens to your item. This value is always greater than the resale value of your pieces, as it is an estimate of how much it can cost you to purchase a new replacement of your item. So, the appraisal would assure you that you have the same piece in your hand in case of any happening. Additionally, you might need a fresh appraisal before the insurance to avoid excessive premiums or under insured of the valuables.


You need jewelry appraisals for taxation purposes too. These appraisals would define the value of taxes imposed over you. You must have an updated appraisal of your jewelry for the taxation purpose, in order to avoid extra payments or any penalties imposed on you in the future when the jewelry is discovered to be greater in value than described in the tax returns.

Re-sale or Liquidation

For the resale purpose, you need a fair market value appraisal, that gives you an estimate of what you will receive if you sell your jewelry. In such cases, the appraisals are meant to give the seller a feel of how much they could get from a willing buyer. On the other hand, the interested buyer would want to see all the attributes of the piece before they make a purchase offer. The jewelry appraisal would serve the purpose best. Keep in mind, that the appraisals for the resale are different from the replacement appraisal. This appraisal value is lower than the replacement values. And if you are to resale it immediately to liquidate your assets, the appraisals are different from resale values.

Divorce Settlement

You may also need the appraisals in case of separation from your spouse. There could arise a dispute over the jewelry given or gifted to you by them. You need to evaluate the engagement ring or wedding band to reach a settlement with him/her in any legal situation.


If you need a loan from a bank, you need to pledge something worthy of that bank. The most frequent pledge property is jewelry. But banks need an authentic appraisal before they accept your jewelry against the loan. Hence, for getting a loan you would definitely need to appraise your jewelry.


If you want to donate any item of your jewelry to a qualified charity or institution, you would need the fair market value appraisal of the item for deduction to lower your income tax for the year. If you donate your jewelry at an auction in order to raise the funds for a qualified charity, the appraisals would be needed to evaluate the workable bids.

Recovery of Stolen Jewelry

The appraisal is very important to protect your money if your jewelry is lost or stolen. In addition to the stated value, the appraisals have a complete description of your jewelry and other important information, that can help to recover your lost either by insurance or by recovering it from the thieves, by involving law enforcement agencies.

Get Your Jewelry Appraised NOW!

It is established now that it’s really important and worth spending on jewelry appraisals, and equally important is that you get it appraised by an experienced professional appraiser. We are well-recognized, reputed, credible and certified jewelry appraisers. We evaluate the jewelry with our in-depth insight of gemology and valuation. The appraisal is based on the latest market values. Get your jewelry appraised by Jewelry Reports right now with the assurance of safety, security and privacy of your valuables.


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