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Smiling Businesswoman

JewelryReports was founded in 2015 by a team of three jewelry professionals with passions for antique, estate jewelry, and fine timepiece appraising. With a combined jewelry industry experience of over 60 years, our team has Graduate Gemologist credentials from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and other accredited jewelry appraising certificates. Since JewelryReports only specializes in Hypothetical Appraisal Reports, at this time, we do not display our credentials or certificates. This is due to the fact that we adhere to NAJA Code of Professional Ethics and USPAP Standards. We strive to be transparent and clear about the type of appraisal reports we offer. 


Code of Professional Ethics National Association of Jewelry Appraisers 18d States: 

NAJA members must make special efforts to avoid misuse of their appraisal documentation.
Appraisers who offer hypothetical reports on items they have not personally examined, but which could be examined, are not providing the best of appraisal services. Such "limited assignment" reports have a high likelihood of damaging a client, damaging one's own reputation or damaging the profession. NAJA agrees that there are times and places for limited assignment hypothetical reports, but strongly advises its members that the creation of a regular business model in appraising "unexamined" items, based solely on gemological reports or other hearsay documentation, is not considered an ethical business practice.


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