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How to Sell Your Jewelry: What You Need to Know

Many of you possess very precious jewelry that you might have inherited from your forefathers. It could be estate jewelry that means it is previously owned. Many people prefer not to buy pre-owned engagement sets for superstitious reasons. There are many people who could save hundreds of dollars if they would have bought estate jewelry but didn’t. The other extreme is that jewelry could be antique which can be much worthier than anyone can expect. Having knowledge of if your jewelry is just old and out of style or an antique can make the difference of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

In another case, there could be branded jewelry that has unique designer pieces, limited additions, and customized jewelry sets. These are also a lot more precious than anticipated. Even for the very common jewelry and gemstones, it is very tricky to label them for a selling price.

There are various reasons to sell your jewelry. We may sell it for upgrading or updating the designs or liquidating your assets for making extra cash. Selling jewelry can prove to be a really rewarding experience that opens up opportunities for new ventures. And as discussed above it is very important to receive the actual worth of the pieces being sold. And that worth only is described by the jewelry appraisals. Hence if you want as much as possible amount against your precious jewelry, get them appraised before looking for any buyer.

Where to Sell Your Jewelry:

Selling to a Retailer

You might have heard about depreciation at prices of various things while selling them to second-hand users or retailers. Jewelry buying and selling operate on similar patterns. The value depreciates over time while the retail prices paid are even inflated to cover the business expenses. As the jewelry retailers need to cover their costs, as well as make a profit so, they price your jewelry very less than it actually has depreciated. This is because the overhead costs of the retailer had added to the price but not to the actual value of the ring. In such a situation, it becomes unavoidable to get a resale appraisal, that can label your jewelry with an agreeable amount, and the price that gives you a great portion of what you have spent on that particular jewelry set.

Selling with an auction house

Auctions are a really prestigious and sophisticated way to sell the jewelry. There are often nationally known auction houses that have pricy set-up costs and standards. Such auction houses are best for high-end Jewelry. There could be regional auction houses that can sell your jewelry in the mid-range. Selling on an auction house is very risky because the end price is unknown. Hence, before putting your jewelry on auction, you must be very well aware of your jewelry worth. Otherwise, you may end up with a heavy loss. You can get a quote from the jewelry appraisers. They are professionals to examine and inspect every aspect of your valuable to give them a fair price, from where you can start your auction bid.

Selling to a Suitable buyer

We know from people who have driven around town to receive $30 more against their jewelry. Obviously, your time is much worthier than that. Hence you must have a price in your mind that you can compromise against your jewelry to save your time. If you have a resale appraisal, that comes handy in the situation.

Selling online

There is another option to sell your jewelry through online auctions like eBay, but the difficulty of selling on such platforms is calculated as much as 20% to 30%. This difficulty arises from the exposure to a greater audience, and then their limited knowledge about the valuables to the payment option adopted from them. Again to sell your jewelry online, you should consult the jewelry appraisers to give you a number, that you can easily earn by selling your Jewelry.

So whenever you plan to sell jewelry or gemstones, you just need to have an agreeable price that can be helpful to create a suitable atmosphere for the transaction. There are two factors to reach an agreeable price. The standards of the pricing and understanding of the involved parties about the jewelry. When both the ends are met rationally, you would get the best possible amount against your valuables and the buyer would also be satisfied. And this can be achieved through a Jewelry Appraisal. Finding a credible, certified gemologist and appraiser to value your jewelry and help you on the journey to recovering as much of what you have originally paid for that as possible. The items tested, verified, and described by the third party can reach their full potential value. The experts you choose must have experience and knowledge to make the fullest, most value-adding scrutiny of the items. When you have an appraisal in your hand, whatever buyer you choose to sell your jewelry, would be agreed to pay you the actual value of your jewelry.

Appraisal for Selling the Jewelry

Fair Market Value Appraisal

This appraisal shows the price at which the jewelry would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, not being under pressure for buying or selling. In the situation when they have all the required information about the jewelry bought and sold, that is provided by this appraisal. As every appraisal should include a description of the Jewelry such as weights, grades, measurements, stones, metal types, treatments, etc.

"Valuation to Sell" Appraisal

To upgrade the jewelry, or sell it for extra cash, a resale appraisal is best to know the real demandable value of the jewelry for the purpose of valuing the jewelry with the intention of being resold. These appraisals also contain information about jewelry but also include a value recommendation to ask for when selling your jewelry.

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